Celebrating Parties with Bright and Colorful Marble Balloons

Now, I know I haven't been posting as often as I like, but I've been doing lots of brainstorming behind the scenes. It's getting exciting and very soon you will see a little change in the tagline. It will be the perfect match for my new Giggle Shop that has quietly launched behind the scenes. The official announcement/launch will be coming very soon for that. But, feel free to take a peek now and let me know if you have any custom color requests. To celebrate all the fun coming your way, I thought these 20" Marble Balloons from Drop It Modern were perfect to share with you. Not only are they super bright and colorful - these balloons are re-usable {they come with a clip so you don't need to tie them}. They even come with a 9' long handmade tassel to add on after they're filled with helium.

Pretty Marble Balloon with Handmade Tassel / as seen on www.GiggleHearts.com