My Girl Has Braces . . . and so does Pinkie Pie

I couldn't resist. When I saw this image of Pinkie Pie on pinterest I just smiled. My daughter is going to love this image when I show it to her. My Little Pony is her favorite {8th birthday party with MLP theme is in the works for November} and she just got braces put on yesterday. I'll be back tomorrow with a brand new post after I master the trick of making all soft foods for her. Any recipes for yummy smoothies or milkshakes {gluten free and nut free} are very welcome.

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Best Baby Sites has a New Owner + an Exciting Change

Happy Tuesday! I am so excited to be writing my first post here. Over the past week, some changes were happening behind the scenes here at Best Baby Sites. My name is Brenda and I will be taking over for Christine as the new site owner. For those of you that don't know me, let me introduce myself . . . I'm Brenda, owner of Brenda's Wedding Blog. I have been working in the wedding industry since 2001 and my blog was started in 2005. I was planning my wedding while freelancing with a wedding site as their graphic designer. Little did I know this would lead to an amazing and fun career working with wedding and event vendors across the US, Canada and even Internationally. My hubby and I have 2 sweet girls {7 1/2 years and 20 months}. I also cook gluten free and nut free due to my older daughter's allergies and our little one is now gluten free too.

Now, you are probably wondering about the transition to a new owner? No worries there, as I helped Christine set up the site and I remember all our meetings at local coffee shops and a cute nearby diner for several breakfasts. I even created the Best Baby Sites logo over coffee {Christine} and hot chocolate {me}. I plan to make the transition seamless and if you would like to reach me to discuss advertising with either a banner ad or a listing in the shopping guide, please email me at bestbabysites{at}gmail{dot}com

Going forward, please look for new posts on Mondays and Thursdays. PS: I'm on the lookout for photo shoots, birthday parties and unique ideas - so if you have something that you would like considered for feature, please email me.

And, now for the exciting change . . . I will be extending the features to cover more than just babies because, after all, aren't our children always our babies? I'll be featuring ideas and inspiration from pregnancy up to about age 10. So, going forward, I'll be here to help you navigate the exciting road of mommyhood from that first positive sign all the way thru the elementary years.

Last, but not least, I have to give a huge "Thank You" to Christine for giving me the honor of taking over her baby blog and keeping it going for all moms {and dads}, grandmothers, aunts, vendors that cater to all things "baby" and everyone else that has little ones in their lives. I'm excited for what's ahead.

10 Tips for Keeping Your Online Baby Journal Updated


Our friends at Kidmondo share 10 great tips for keeping your online baby journal updated...

There are many excellent reasons for parents to keep an online baby journal. It is a great way to chart memories and milestones of the growing life of your baby, and keeping detailed records can be a good way to chart the medical progress and statuses of the children, being both a helpful and valid source of information. But with all the stress and activity of caring for an infant, it can be easy to forget to update the journal, which would mean missing out on precious memories as well as documentation. Here are some tips for keeping your online baby journal updated:

Use a Good Journal System: To get started, you first need to choose an online journaling system that meets your needs. If you have twins, for example, you’ll need an online system that will allow you to easily keep two journals updated.

Make a Daily Time for Updates: Making it a daily priority to update the baby journal will help make it a habit. Creating a routine time to journal the events of the day is a good place to start.

Record Doctor Visits: Documenting what happens at each doctor’s visit can be a great reminder for anyone to update their baby log. (Not to mention it can be extremely helpful later on down the line to have an extensive and detailed record of your child’s health journey.) Parents will be grateful they took the time to record the important information later on.

Have a Camera Close By: Most people have cameras on their phones, so keeping that phone or a regular camera close throughout the day will help you capture images of your growing child. When parents see their child standing for the first time — or just sitting in the cupboard covered in flour — having the camera within arm’s length for a quick grab and “snap” is essential for really memorable journaling.

Create Reminders: So often we think “I need to do this later” and then instantly forget about it for the day. Alarms and reminders are excellent for countering that, whether set for the same time every day or customized per schedule. Adding a snooze is also helpful for those times when the alarm goes off in the middle of making supper.

Choose One You Can Share with Family and Friends: The pressure of promises to share details with friends and family can be a good motivator to get journaling. Parents should make a regular time where they share the latest updates and delights of their child. Thinking, “Oh, this would be great to go in the journal!” is a good personal reminder.

Record Each New Meal: This kind of record-keeping can be very helpful. Each time parents try a new food for their child, they should document it. As the children grow older, tastes change and allergies may even develop, so having an extensive record of foods they’ve eaten is both good for them and good for their parents.

Don’t Ignore Journaling “On the Go”: If you’re running errands, shopping or dropping the baby off with a friend as you rush off to work, there isn’t always time to write out an elaborate story or to upload recent pictures to your journal. But you can quickly send yourself a text or email with the info as a reminder to add the story or images to the journal later. With Kidmondo, you can even email your journal itself for easy updating!

Let Your Other Kids Help: People in your family can share their experiences with your child. If you’ve got other kids, you can ask them for stories and memories they’d like to see added to the baby journal.

Write in a Personal Style: You don’t have to be a great author or love journaling to keep up with a baby book. Whether the style is to use organized categories or pile everything in one entry into a single paragraph; whether you like lots of details or prefer concise phrases; whether you like tons of pictures or prefer descriptions and simplicity — just do whatever you feel comfortable doing. Don’t stress about making it perfect. Just have fun!

It is an important job for the family to keep up with the baby journal. Though it may be hard work, it is a very rewarding task and will bring memories back for years to come.


About Kidmondo
Kidmondo is a comprehensive personalized online baby journal that provides parents and caregivers with all the tools they need to chronicle their child’s life and share it with friends and family in a safe environment.



Hello World! Personalized Gift Set from I See Me

Happy news this week from I See Me! We are excited to share with you the release of their brand new book, "Hello, World!", the perfect gift to welcome a new baby into the family. This book makes a fantastic keepsake for parents, and features special details including baby's name, photo, parent's name or names, birth height and weight, and more! For thoughtful gift-givers looking for that perfect gift to welcome the new baby, I See Me!’s newest personalized book "Hello, World!" is quickly becoming the season’s must-have baby gift.

IncrediBundles: A Modern Twist on the Baby Gift Basket

IncrediBundles feature adorably chic reusable storage containers filled with the very best award-winning toys, books and products for babies – selected by experts and approved by parents. Each of their gift sets are designed to address a specific area of an infant’s development and include products which will be used and cherished throughout baby’s first year and beyond. IncrediBundles provide great value and convenience for the gift giver as well.

Their Custom Order Bundles allow you to create a truly personalized gift and a Bundle Subscription is the PERFECT way to deliver age appropriate products to any little one throughout the year. Whichever bundle you choose from their product line, you will find that IncrediBundles provides the very best value...and FREE SHIPPING!

5 Things to consider when choosing a baby Journal

Today we welcome Kaitlyn Johnson as a guest blogger to our site. Kaitlyn is the content editor of Newborn Care and loves writing articles on basic behavior of kids & parenting issues. She offered to share her recent publication with our readers about 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Baby Journal...

{The first few years of your baby’s life are typically the most heavily documented, which is why baby journals have remained a perennial favorite for new parents. Recording each milestone along the way not only allows you to track the rate at which your child is reaching them, but also provides you with a wonderful piece of memorabilia when your child is no longer small. The world is a rapidly changing place, however, which means that the old-fashioned baby books of years gone by are no longer the only option for new parents with a penchant for journaling. Before you snag the first journal off the shelf, these are five of the things you might want to consider.

Ease of Use – Between midnight feedings and frequent diaper changes, early parenthood isn’t known for being rife with free time. That means that, by sheer necessity, you’ll need to choose a baby journal that’s easy for you to use and update on the fly. You’ll need to be able to make new entries or update existing ones in the little amount of time you’re able to carve out while Baby is sleeping or with the grandparents, so make sure that you choose one that doesn’t require a ton of work. An intricate journal filled with calligraphy will be a beautiful keepsake in theory, but in practice is more likely to end up abandoned as you go about the business of parenting.

Convenience – A large, cumbersome book makes for a great accent on your bookshelf, but may be little more than a blank book taking up space if it’s too difficult to manage. You’ll need to choose a journal that’s easy to handle and convenient to update. If you’re constantly glued to your smartphone, a digital journal that you can update on the go may be the most efficient route for you to take. Stay-at-home parents who aren’t as tech-savvy may find that a traditional journal is the best choice. The method that’s most convenient for you will depend largely upon your lifestyle, so take it into account when you’re choosing a journal.

Method By Which the Journal Will Be Updated – If you hate your handwriting, aren’t a confident speller or don’t like the idea of keeping a physical book around to collect stains, spills and mishaps, a digital journal could be the solution to your quandaries. Parents who aren’t so invested in technology or who like the idea of physically writing out the chronicle of their baby’s first year, however, should consider a traditional baby book.

Storage and Organization – In homes where space is at a premium, adding another clunky book to the shelves may not be the best idea. A digital journal that’s backed up online or on a removable storage device also isn’t prone to damage or loss in the same way that a physical journal may be. Consider where you’ll be storing this precious information and how you want to organize it while you’re choosing the journaling option for your growing family.

Customization Options – Artistic and creative parents may want something with more of a scrapbook feel than a clinical run-down of milestones and feeding schedules, while minimalist parents may find that they have little patience for the frills and cutesy feel of a heavily decorated baby journal. Think about the level of customization you’re looking for and how much you want to manipulate the pages. Digital and physical journals alike will all have different levels of customization ability, so think about what you’re looking for and the options available to you through the journals you’re considering.

In the end, the type of journal you choose should be a reflection of who you are as a parent and what will best fit your lifestyle. The last thing you’ll want is a baby book with the first few pages filled out and the rest left blank, or a book that doesn’t accurately portray your baby’s new life. Make sure that you choose wisely, as you also won’t want to take time out of your busy schedule as a new parent to transfer information into a new journal if your first choice proves to be less than efficient.}

{ABC} Arbonne Baby Care Products

Today I delighted to share some AMAZING products with you thanks to a very dear friend of mine Lisa LaVigne {ID 13659864} who has recently started her journey as an Independent Arbonne consultant. A baby’s skin is delicate and deserves to be pampered, nourished and protected with Arbonne Baby Care {ABC} products that are pure, safe and beneficial. They are formulated without gluten, soy and animal bi-products and all items come with a 45 day money back guarantee.

{Image from Simple As That - The Blog}

Here's a little more about the ABC product line:

ABC Hair & Body Wash: A gentle, ultra-mild, tear-free cleanser for haie and delicate skin. This hair and body wash cleans, moisturizes and conditions.

ABC Body Lotion: A gentle lotion formulated for delicate skin that soothes and conditions skin, helps to reduce the appearance of redness and relieves itching due to dry skin.

ABC Herbal Diaper Rash Cream: A light, water-repelling cream, rich in antioxidants that gently relieves baby from sore, dry chapped skin.

ABC Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30:  Formulated with antioxidants vitamins A,C and E and gentle botanicals, this sunscreen is PABA-free and pediatrician/dermatologist tested.

ABC Body Oil: Pamper baby's skin with essential moisture, thanks to this natural oil that softens and mositurizes delicate skin, while reducing the appearance of redness and relieving itching due to dry skin.

If you are interested in more information about this incredible product line for your little one, please contact Lisa at (518) 727-5087 or visit {ID 13659864}


Layla Grayce Nursery Design Contest

As part of Project Nursery’s Skip*Hop Nursery Design event, Layla Grayce joined actress Tiffani Thiessen, Joy Cho of Oh Joy! and Joni Lay of Lay Baby Lay in an exciting baby room design contest, where each participant was challenged to design a beautiful nursery on a budget! Vote for Layla Grayce as your favorite nursery design for a chance to win a Skip*Hop Springtime Birds Musical Crib Mobile and $100 Layla Grayce gift card! Three lucky winners will win a mobile and a $100 shopping spree towards Layla Grayce! Hurry, because this contest ends on July 10thVote Now!

For more information on this contest click {here}. 

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Looking for some special gift ideas from your little one this Father's Day? Since it is right around the corner, we thought we would share some of our favorite Father's Day Gift Ideas from various Etsy shops. It's not too late to get some of these items in time for next weekend so be sure to check the shop's deadline policy and get your order placed in time!

A Photo Money Clip from Kathy lo Rocks Custom Keepsakes will surely make Dad smile! Personalize this gift with a favorite photo or symbolic design. Each piece is shipped in a beautiful gift box.

This fun, hip Daddysaurus and Babysaurus t-shirt gift set from Zoey's Attic is super cute and the perfect to bring to the hospital as a surprise gift for the new dad in your life and his new little babysaurus. This adorable set is COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE so you can change the saying to whatever you wish!

Celebrate Dad with custom artwork featuring his children's hand and foot prints. Niko + Lily offers a simply sweet Father's Day Personalized Print that he can display and cherish forever - PERFECT for the home or office.

Photo Jewelry Handmade Cuff Links from BFF gifts. Shop owner Maryanne Murphy can take any precious photo of yours and create a memorable pair of cuff links. The cuff links are handcrafted using a unique bonding process which produces a durable glass cabochon resulting in jewelry to treasure and made to last a lifetime.