DIY Painted Pumpkin Acorns

I have the cutest and easiest DIY for fall to share with you today. As I was working on one idea {which you will see at the end of this post}, I discovered that acorns can make the cutest little pumpkins. My daughters loved collecting the acorns for this project - even our now 2 year old was gathering them up and saying "corn corn" over and over. It was the cutest. All of the acorns we were finding had already lost their tops, but that's not a problem. After painting, you can simply add some hot glue {only for an adult to do} to the inside of the acorn top and then match it to a bottom. See below for the complete and easy how-to instructions.

Painted Pumpkin Acorns Tutorial

• collection of acorns
• acrylic paint in orange and green
• paintbrushes
• mini hot glue gun {only for the adults to use}

Paint the bottoms and tops of the acorns orange {my bottoms have 3 coats of paint and the tops have 2}. Then paint the stems green {I just did one coat on these}. For some of the acorns I topped them with a pumpkin "hat" and left the bottom of the acorn in it's natural state for contrast. Let them dry and then simply hot glue the tops to the acorn bottoms and you are done. Super cute! Super Easy!

PS: I've read that sometimes you can have little worms escape that might be living in the acorns, but you can easily prevent this by baking the acorns in a single layer on a cookie sheet at 200 or 250 degrees for an hour. You can also soak the acorns in water before doing this to remove any dirt.

And, now to show you how a DIY project can evolve into something else. In my head I envisioned simply painting the tops of the acorns. But, that wasn't turning out to be quite as fun as making them look like pumpkins. However, this is still a great idea if you want to have acorns in a bowl for a fall party and you want them to match your color palette. It's also a great "just for fun" kids craft as I know my oldest daughter could spend hours at our kitchen table painting away.

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