FAQs about Giggle Hearts . . .

In case you need a bit more information about our re-brand, we've created this handy FAQ page that should hopefully answer many of your questions. We are here to help if you need more information - simply reach out to us at gigglehearts21@gmail.com

What is Giggle Hearts?

Giggle Hearts is the new and improved Best Baby Sites. Brenda, the owner of BrendasWeddingBlog.com, originally worked with Christine {the former owner of Best Baby Sites} on setting up the site and creating the logo. She is now the owner of Giggle Hearts in addition to her wedding blog, and will be using her online experience to create a super fun and exciting site. Giggle Hearts will have expanded content which will include a blog, recipes, crafts, party ideas, and photo sessions... all focused on celebrating everyday with giggles, love and sparkles.

What happened to Best Baby Sites?

Brenda saw the potential to grow the Best Baby Sites audience by changing up the focus of the site and infusing it with great creative content. We have officially switched over the domain name to GiggleHearts.com, so all the Best Baby Sites traffic will now be redirected here. Many features from Best Baby Sites have been carried over including but not limited to the blog and the features of amazing shops {especially handmade ones}. But, you'll notice the look and feel has changed to be more fun, inviting and full of sparkle! Come see what others have been saying about the all new Giggle Hearts here.

What kind of traffic does Giggle Hearts get?

Prior to the re-brand, Best Baby Sites had been receiving an average of 50-75 page views per day. We're pleased to tell you that our following has doubled {if not more} in just 2 1/2 weeks since we re-branded the site! Page views are up to 150+ per day on average - even over 300+ on recipe and free download feature days. We're also gaining new followers daily on all of our social media outlets - Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. We're looking forward to updating you in the coming months as we continue to grow!

What other opportunities are there for reaching your followers?

We have so many opportunities for you to reach and interact with our followers beyond our blog. Here's a short list of what we can offer you, but you can read more here

- Banner ads
- Sponsored blog posts
- Sponsored DIY posts
- Giveaways and sponsored discount codes

Who can I contact if have questions or to discuss advertising or sponsorship opportunities?

We love hearing from you! If you have questions, feedback, or are looking for ways to be involved with us, please email gigglehearts21@gmail.com