Printable : A Rollerskating Birthday Party : free vintage graphic

Isn't this vintage image of a rollerskating girl carrying a birthday cake the cutest? If you are planning a rollerskating birthday party for your girl and are planning to create the invitations yourself, you might want to consider this free graphic from Free Pretty Things For You. Wait until you see what I found on etsy below the printable graphic . . .

Free Printable of a Vintage Rollerskating Girl Graphic | from Free Pretty Things For You | as seen on

Do any of my readers remember the Baby Skates Rollerskating Doll? I never had one, but I do remember them. Well, A Glimpse from the Past on etsy is selling a Vintage 1982 Mattel Toys "Baby Skates" Rollerskating Baby Doll that is in mint condition, in the original box and has never been played with! So AMAZING and it says "no batteries needed" - remember those days?

Vintage 1982 Mattel Toys Baby Skates Rollerskating Baby Doll