Gather Your Bunny Ears and Celebrate Easter with Confetti

When Pamelyn of Bashery® contacted me for a confetti mix of super fun spring colors for her Easter photo shoot with Morgan of Shop Buru I couldn’t say no. First, off, I love Pamelyn’s creative and colorful style. Secondly - a brand new confetti color mix that I haven’t created yet? I’m there in a flash :)

It's now time to gather your bunny ears, fancy drink glasses, Easter baskets and let’s join Pamelyn and Morgan with their kids for a super fun Easter Celebration. There’s even a Festive Fetti confetti trail that leads to the egg hunt - so much fun. Pretty Dresses worn by the moms are from Shop Buru and the Girls Dresses are from Kasey Blue Kids. Photos by Ographr.

Fun Easter Celebration Photo Shoot with a Confetti Toss and Pretty Easter Dresses

Wasn’t this the most fun way to celebrate Easter? Oh, and lastly - let’s not forget Pamelyn’s phrase . . . “A Mama who always brings the FUN” - I’d say this is 100% spot on, wouldn’t you?

Thank you so much Pamelyn for your super fun party styling - see more from Bashery® . . .