The Sparkliest Valentine’s Day Sequin Gift Guide

Sequins are everywhere these days and my girls (myself included) can’t get enough of them. With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’ve put together a Valentine’s Day Sequin Gift Guide so you can easily find the prettiest and most unique items with sequins on them.

There’s going to be lots of red, pink and purple in this post :)

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These Velvet Leotards with Sequin Hearts from Belle Threads Boutique with their reversible sequin hearts are the prettiest choice for Valentine's Day photos of your girl(s). And, when paired with a tulle skirt from Belle Threads, you have the best Valentine's Day Girl Outfit.

The Best Sequin Gifts for Valentines Day / Valentines Day Sequin Gift Guide for Girls and your Best Friends

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1. Reversible Heart Sequin Velvet Leotard
2. Heart Shaped Sequin Plush Pillow in red
3. Gold Tallulah Lace Crown with Pink Sequin Heart
4. Red Mouse Ears Headband
5. Reversible Sequin Heart Pillow
6. Large Sequin Hair Bows
7. Heart Shaped Sequin Plush Pillow in Purple

And, lastly - this may not have sequins but they are glittered hearts and doesn’t this bowl of sparkly love just look amazing? Imagine how pretty your vases, candlescapes and floral arrangements will look this Valentine’s Day with all this pretty red sparkle added.

Lil Edibles: Not Too "Sweet" Valentine's Treats

Today's Lil Edibles feature is about sharing ideas on how you can make some special Valentine's Day treats for your little one that won't send them into a "sugar-shock". I'm always looking for ways to make meals more appealing to my kids, while offering them healthier options and have found that it's all in the presentation! {at least in my house...if it looks good, it tastes good}

The first feature comes from Parents and showcases two really great (and healthy) breakfast or snack options. I just love these Healthy Heart Sweet Tarts {pictured left} that are simply mini pie shells filled with low-fat yogurt and fresh fruit! And how about these super-cute Heart Kabobs {pictured right}, made using your favorite melons and a heart-shaped cookie cutter! They even have a recipe for a citrus yogurt dip to go with them!

Now let's move onto lunch - I simply adore everything about this plentiful plate featured by Jill on her site, Meet the Dubiens. The soup is served in a heart-shaped bowl and even contains little heart cheese cubes. The apples were made by using a heart cookie cutter on a red and green apple and switching the cutouts to give them a little flair! For dessert, a cherry jello heart made using a silicone muffin liner.

For dinner, Brittany from One Charming Party has a great idea to add little pepperoni hearts to your favorite homemade pizza recipe! Just take a small heart-shaped cookie cutter to the pepperoni before you bake it and tell your kids it's made with {LOVE}!

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Lil Edibles - For your Valentine

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I wanted to share some of my favorite edible finds that you can make for your lil cupid! First up are two "hearty" ideas from Cute Food For Kids. Start your kids day with this adorable breakfast treat by simply using a heart-shaped cookie cutter and cooking the egg {on low temp} until done. You can even add some ketchup-swirled hearts for extra flair and use your left over bread and cookie cutter to shape some lovely jelly sandwiches for an afternoon snack!

I just couldn't resist sharing these adorable lil snacks from Family Fun. The watermelon and orange cupid hearts would be perfect for your child's classroom snack, and these hot dogs are just so FUN!

And...let us not forget DESSERT! This heart infused treat comes from Hannah at Made With Love By Me and the recipe to make this creative cupcake can be found {here}.

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