DIY Halloween Mantle Decor : Paper Hats in a Shadow Box

This DIY Halloween Mantle Decor was created in part with Lisa Kettell Designs, Fuji Film and AC Moore. As I’m a proud part of the Hello Lisa design team, I was sent a box filled with crafting goodies and was asked to get a little creative and put together a fun Halloween DIY using the shadow box from AC Moore and fun vintage prints from Fuji Film.

These DIY Halloween Paper Party Hats are so cute lined up in this Halloween Shadow Box with a Spooky sequin iron-on transfer. See how to create this Halloween Mantle Decor with satin ribbon and a photo art print on Giggle Hearts #halloweendecorations #halloween #halloweencrafts #diycrafts #halloweendecor #partyhats

My idea was to create a sparkly Spooky Halloween Shadow Box with Paper Hats topped with pom poms. I’m also sharing another fun way to showcase the paper hats around a framed art print at the end of this post so be sure to scroll down to see it.

Gather up these supplies and in less than an hour you will have the cutest Halloween Mantle Decor to DIY for yourself or a Halloween gift. Click to see the entire Halloween DIY Craft on Giggle Hearts #halloween #halloweencrafts #diycrafts #shadowbox #halloween

Now, it’s time to gather up these halloween crafting supplies and in less than an hour (minus the drying time of the painted shadow box) you will have the cutest Halloween Mantle Decor to DIY for yourself or a Halloween gift.

Crafting Supplies Needed:

  • dark shadows paper pad

  • sequin spooky iron-on-transfer

  • wooden shadow box (this one is 8” square)

  • halloween photo prints on Fuji Film paper

  • DecoArt Americana acrylic paint in black

  • Trick or Treat satin ribbon

  • Hot Glue Gun

Extra supplies if you wish:

  • yarn to make pom poms or you can purchase them pre-made

  • orange glitter

  • crafting glue

This spooky sequin lettering is a fun detail in this DIY Halloween Shadow Box. See how to create this Halloween Mantle Decor on Giggle Hearts #halloweendecorations #halloween #halloweencrafts #diycrafts #halloweendecor #partyhats
These DIY Halloween Paper Party Hats are so cute in this Halloween Shadow Box and topped with pom poms. See how to create this Halloween Mantle Decor on Giggle Hearts #halloweendecorations #halloween #halloweencrafts #diycrafts #halloweendecor #partyhats

How to Create the DIY Halloween Mantle Decor . . .

You will want to first paint your shadow box with the black paint. I prefer to use foam brushes for this type of project. I only needed one coat of paint to cover this shadowbox.

Then you will want to trim the satin ribbon to fit along the outer edges of the frame and hot glue in place.

Then with glue dots or craft glue, you can adhere the sequin iron-on transfer to the back of the shadow box. You can also attach your preferred photo print here too.

How to create the paper party hats is continued below . . .

These DIY Halloween Paper Party Hats are so cute lined up in this Halloween Shadow Box with a Spooky sequin iron-on transfer. See how to create this Halloween Mantle Decor on Giggle Hearts #halloweendecorations #halloween #halloweencrafts #diycrafts #halloweendecor #partyhats

To create the Halloween Paper Party Hats . . .

I used a template I found online for the hats and resized to fit onto the 6” square paper. If you’d like a printable template, simple message me and I will create it for you.

Then choose your favorite paper from the paper pad and trace the template onto it. Cut and then roll into a cone shape. Adhere with the hot glue. (PS: for the pumpkin hat, I hand-colored the pumpkins with colored pencil before creating the hat)

I made pom poms with the yarn, but if you prefer to save even more time, you can simply purchase pre-made pom poms. Attach to the tops of the hats with hot glue.

This step is not necessary, but I have a thing for glitter and confetti, so I added craft glue along the bottom edge of the hats and sprinkled on orange glitter.

Now that the hats are finished, you can simply set them into the bottom of the shadowbox and it’s time to display your Halloween Mantle Decor for all to see.

DIY Halloween Paper Party Hats are the perfect Halloween Decoration accent and look super cute next to framed Holiday Art Prints. See how to create these Halloween Hats on Giggle Hearts #halloweendecorations #halloween #halloweencrafts #diycrafts #halloweendecor #partyhats

Lastly, here’s another super fun way to showcase even more Halloween party hats on your mantle. You can frame extras of your favorite Halloween Fuji Film prints and scatter some party hats around them - either on your mantle or a favorite shelf.

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Find out how to create these DIY Halloween Paper Party Hats for your Halloween Decorations. This cute Halloween Shadow Box is perfect for your Halloween Mantle Decor. See more on Giggle Hearts #halloweendecorations #halloween #halloweencrafts #diycrafts #halloweendecor

5 Easy Halloween Crafts to Make with your Kids

When it comes to Halloween {and the fall season}, it's always super fun to get involved in a few DIY Halloween Craft Projects that you can create with your kids.

Today, I'm thrilled to be joining the 2017 Fall Party Hop with an outstanding group of amazing blogs and the talented ladies behind them. Let's get started . . .

If you're coming over from Deanna's post on Mirabelle Creations, I'd love to say WELCOME and how thrilled I am to have you here. Please be sure to see the entire post so you can hop on over to the next blog for a wonderful fall inspired outdoor celebration.

5 Easy and Fun Halloween Crafts you can make with your kids

1. DIY Painted Acorn Pumpkins

It's time to head outside with your kids and gather a basket of acorns. Then come inside for a fun afternoon of painting. Click Here to see the full Painted Acorn Pumpkin DIY.

2. Printable Halloween Pinwheels

These printable pinwheels are so fun with the spiders in the center. They're an easy download and make such a fun addition to a jar of Halloween Sweets. Click Here to see the diy on How to Create Halloween Pinwheels.

3. Printable Halloween Party Invitation

This Halloween party invitation is made extra special with the added glitter paint on the spider web. Surprise your guests with a handmade invitation. Click Here to download your Printable Halloween Party Invitation.

4. DIY Candy Corn Garland with Paper Doilies

This is the fun way to display candy corn without the calories and cavities. Simply grab some paper doilies, acrylic paint and scissors. Click Here to see the full Candy Corn Garland DIY with a little video.

5. Halloween Feather Boa Wreath

Kids will love helping you wrap this wreath with the black feather boas {and little girls will love it even more after Halloween when they get to wear the flower clips in their hair}. Click Here to see the diy on How to Create a Feather Boa Halloween Wreath.

Now, it's time for more Fall Fun - please head on over to Lori's blog - Giggle Home Furnishings where she shares her love of entertaining, decorating & repurposing vintage finds. Today, she's sharing her wonderful fall inspired outdoor celebration

DIY Halloween Tissue & Pom Pom Ghosts for decorations, garlands and games

Several years ago I thought of this idea to make ghosts with tissues and pom poms. My first daughter was younger then and fell in love with them. She's even still playing with a few of them. This year I decided I needed to make new tissue ghosts for our "spooky tree" as we call it. Since, I had to make new Boo's, I thought I'd share them with you along with a video so you can see how easy and fun they are to make. You won't want to stop once your start. Besides using them as a stand-alone decoration, you could string these ghosts together to make a garland {but this would likely be more for an adult to do as a needle is needed to thread thru pom poms}. Another fun idea with kids is to hide the tissue ghosts in the house and have them find them with a game of hot and cold - but, you may want to call it playing hot and boo!

Tissue Ghosts Tutorial

• tissues
• white pom poms
• small white rubber bands for the hair
• black permanent marker

Simply tear your tissue in half lengthwise. Then fold in half to make a square. Place your pom pom in the middle and fold the tissue over it, twisting a bit. Wrap the rubber band around the tissue under the wrapped pom pom to form the ghosts' head. Add two eyes with the permanent market and then fluff out the bottom of the ghosts. You are now done and can have fun with your ghosts.

DIY Candy Corn Garland {with paper doilies}

I have such a fun and easy DIY for you today with a special appearance by the cutest little felt creatures EVER!!! I first saw this idea for garland being created with paper plates, but I tend to like my garlands being a bit more "fancy" so I immediately thought of my paper doilies. You simply paint the colors of the candy corn onto the doilies and then cut them up like pizzas. Since they already have holes in them, you won't even have to hole punch them. Full tutorial follows . . .

DIY Candy Corn Garland

Paper Doilies {I used 3.5" diameter white ones}
Acrylic Paint in white, orange and yellow

1. Paint an orange ring and then a yellow ring on the outer edge {as you can see in the photo below}. Then paint in the center with white.
2. Let dry
3. Simply cut the doily in half, then in half again and then in half once more. You will end up with 8 candy corns per doily.
4. You're all set to string on the candy corn {I took my white/yellow twine and actually separated the colors - believe it or not, there are multiples of each color and I used a single strand from that to make it super thin. Since the doily already has holes in it, you don't even need to punch holes for stringing. Add as many candy corns as you'd like depending on the length of the garland you'd like. You Are All Done! {to see how easy it is to cut the doily, I have a little video to show you below}

DIY Decorative Halloween Candles with Artwork of your Choice

I am loving today's DIY from Melodrama. It's amazing how you can connect to someone thru social media. My bat wand diy from Monday was liked by Melodrama on instagram - the name intrigued me so I clicked it. Well, I then fell in love with Krys' feed and was intrigued by her Halloween Candles so I headed to her blog. I'm in love with her ideas and photos. I immediately asked if I could share this DIY and Krys happily agreed. I will be giving you a bit of an abbreviated DIY here, but please be sure to head over to Melodrama for the complete DIY on making these decorative Halloween candles. Krys has photos of the steps involved and even more of the finished candles.
DIY Decorative Halloween Candles with clip art, hand-drawn art or rubber stamps | from Melodrama | as seen on

For this project you will need the following items, which I have a feeling you likely already have on hand:
• Candles {varying heights is a great idea}
• Wax Paper
• Tissue Paper
• Rubber Stamps or InkJet Printer
• Colored Pencils and Pens
• Heat/Embossing Tool or (very hot) Blowdryer

DIY Decorative Halloween Candles - created with tissue paper | from Melodrama | as seen on

Krys has you start with tissue paper and placing your image on the shiny, smooth side of the paper. She suggests using a rubber stamp, a hand-drawn image {think art from your kids}, or images you find online {one of my favorites for vintage royalty free images is The Graphics Fairy}. Once you have your images on the tissue paper, you will to cut them out as close to the edge as possible. PS: Did you know that you can tape a piece of tissue paper to a piece of inkjet paper and feed it through your printer? This is GENIUS!!!! Just be sure to resize your digital images to fit your candle size.

Now, it's time to put your imagery onto the candles . . . simply use a bit of glue stick to adhere your tissue paper to the candle. Then you will take a piece of wax paper and wrap it around the candle directly over your paper image. You will use your heat tool or blow dryer to melt the wax paper. It will be melted when the image gets clearer and you can't see the edges of the tissue paper cut-out any longer. Be sure not to over do it though as your candle can warp.

The tissue paper cut-outs will be embedded and sealed into a new layer of wax once the wax paper is peeled off. Great Tip from Krys: "Make sure you use a fresh piece of wax paper for each candle to get a clean, smooth finish."

To see this Halloween Candle tutorial in full and to see many other great ideas for crafts, please be sure to visit Melodrama.