An Inspiring Maternity Story | Alana Donovan Photography

We have a very special Maternity Session to share with you today thanks to Alana Donovan Photography. Mom to be Katherine shares her touching story...

{After we had our first son, Levi, we could never really decide if we wanted to have more children.  We loved Levi, but we would discuss the pros and cons to having multiple children.  Everything from financial obligations to division of attention and extracurricular activities.  When Levi was 18 months old we prayed about it and decided we were ready to have another child.  Well, no luck for a few months, but then we ran in to some financial problems.  I was laid off from my nursing job, and right after the holidays.  I was unable to find a full-time job and therefore would be without health insurance.  We again prayed about it and felt God was letting us know that now was not the right time, I even wondered if this was God telling us we were meant for only the one child.  I finally got a full-time position and we decided to wait on trying for another child until after Levi's 4th birthday, we even planned a cruise to celebrate his birthday to depart on April 25th, 2013.  Two months later, the week of our 7 year wedding anniversary, we discovered we were pregnant - We were overjoyed!  Our child was due on April 24th, the exact same day our first son was born in 2010!  Needless to say we canceled the cruise and were blessed with our second son on April 18th, 2013.  I have always heard people say "If you ever wonder if God has a sense of humor, just make plans" and I guess it's true.  He will see that what is written in His plan happens in it's own time.}

I just LOVE the expression on Big Brother Levi's face as he opens the door to a special delivery!

Life's Little Miracle | Alana Donovan Photography

Today we have a very touching and emotional newborn story to share with you thanks to Alana Donovan Photography. Alana had initially met this family when they called upon her after the loss of their newborn son and although precious Kooper was only in this world for a short time, his memory would last forever. One year later, after thinking they would not be able to have another baby, they contacted Alana again...this time to capture the images of their beautiful baby girl Kennedy, who has been life's little miracle to this family. Alana arrived at their home to begin their session and was greeted by mom who shared some special momentos of big brother Kooper, including a photo book full of prayers, poems and images that help keep his memory alive. Kennedy is certainly surrounded by a loving family and her brother will always be watching over her.

We are honored to have the chance to share this touching story. Mom shares her experience here...
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A Maternity Blessing {times TWO}

Today's inspring Maternity session is from Alana Donovan Photography and features a fellow newborn photographer friend in a gorgeous {and heartwarming} session as they await the arrival of not one, but two precious little ones. I will now let mommy-to-be Lisa tell you her amazing story and how their strong faith has blessed them with a growing family...

{My husband and I have been married a little over five years. I was 30 years old when we got married, but we so enjoyed our first couple of years together so we didn’t feel rushed to begin having children and of course never thought it would come as a challenge! Then began that journey…As we talked and both felt we were ready for that chapter of our lives, we just let things happen naturally and if we were blessed with a child, then that would be wonderful and if not, we were still content. But as time passed…and the months turned into years…and everyone around us kept having babies…we began to wonder when would our little miracle come? Still believing it is all in God’s hands, a little nudge from my sister sent me to start asking my doctor questions. The fertility journey is not usually a fast one. There are many factors that come into play. One not to take lightly…your emotions! I have seen so many friends and family struggle and stress over fertility issues. For me, it wasn’t so much stress or impatience as it was just feeling discouraged. This is where God grew me. I learned to spend time alone with God, truly seeking what He wanted for my life. Over and over, I felt the call to pray. To read His word, to pray His word, to praise Him and give thanks…even if I had 2 failed pregnancies and the chances that one would sustain was not likely. Oh, how little faith I had. I had always prayed for twin boys and my husband has always wanted a girl to take care of him when he gets old, haha! In June of 2012, God’s glory was revealed through two strong and healthy heartbeats and I am now 25 weeks along in the beginning of a journey to being a mother. We want the genders to be a surprise, but we stand in awe of God’s grace and love. I look back now and see what He was teaching me all along. So wherever you might be on your journey in life. Don’t give up. Have faith. Believe. He loves you, wants to teach you, and give you the desires of your heart…they are, after all from Him.}


{Inspirational} Maternity Session by Alana Donovan Photography

Today we have a truly {inspirational} Maternity Session to share with you courtesy of Alana Donovan Photography. This is the story of Amanda + Matt, a couple that met and had an instant connection - one different than either of them had ever experienced before and not just with each other, but also with their faith. After they were married, Matt began leaving little sticky notes for Amanda and she saved them all...over 5 years worth, as little reminders of their love. When they decided to start a family they were faced with some challenging times, but it was their faith {and Matt's encouraging sticky notes} that got them through these moments and eventually on their path to parenthood. In Amanda's words "It's amazing what something as simple as a little note can do for your relationship. It truly is the little things that mean the most. I hope to one day show Hayden Grace all of the sticky notes that Daddy left Mommy throughout their relationship. I hope that she finds a man as amazing and caring as her father. He truly makes me a happy woman." Thank you Amanda + Matt for allowing us to share your story and Alana Donovan Photography for capturing the images of this amazing couple.

I {LOVE} how they incorporated their precious sticky notes to create an amazing keepsake photo...

Isn't she gorgeous in this vintage-style lace dress?

One of my favorite photos from this session is this "before & after" - SO precious!

Many blessings to Amanda, Matt and baby Hayden Grace - you have a beautiful family!