Party Supplies that Celebrate Children of Color

I’m so excited for my friend Lynnette of Craft My Occasion - she’s launching her new line of party supplies that are created for children of color to help them develop a positive and loving self-image.


Lynnette is currently raising funds to make this project come to life with a wonderful Mermaid Party for Little Brown Girls Set with party collections for boys being planned as well.

There’s only 4 days left for Lynnette’s Kickstarter. Let’s Help Make This Happen!!!

The words from Lynnette explaining her heart behind this project says it all:

Celebrating life and creating memories is so important to me. That being said, my party supplies are much bigger than any one event or celebration. The impact that they will have on our children's lives will extend far beyond their parties. Seeing themselves in this way will give them joy, confidence, and self awareness. Children are highly intelligent and very intuitive. So they notice what is present and what is absent. They are aware of what is said and what is not said. Even if they are not able to articulate it to us, they know. As a mom, I know this is true. That is why I am deeply passionate about giving our children tools that will create an image of themselves that comes from love and acceptance. I want ALL children of color to feel beautiful, acknowledged and worthy of representation. Sure, we have cute paper plates, and adorable balloons. But that is the tip of the iceberg. This is a global movement to empower every child of color to be BEAUTIFUL, BLACK & PROUD!!!

Click PLAY Below to Watch Lynnette's KickStarter campaign video [support project here]