DIY Candy Corn Garland {with paper doilies}

I have such a fun and easy DIY for you today with a special appearance by the cutest little felt creatures EVER!!! I first saw this idea for garland being created with paper plates, but I tend to like my garlands being a bit more "fancy" so I immediately thought of my paper doilies. You simply paint the colors of the candy corn onto the doilies and then cut them up like pizzas. Since they already have holes in them, you won't even have to hole punch them. Full tutorial follows . . .

DIY Candy Corn Garland

Paper Doilies {I used 3.5" diameter white ones}
Acrylic Paint in white, orange and yellow

1. Paint an orange ring and then a yellow ring on the outer edge {as you can see in the photo below}. Then paint in the center with white.
2. Let dry
3. Simply cut the doily in half, then in half again and then in half once more. You will end up with 8 candy corns per doily.
4. You're all set to string on the candy corn {I took my white/yellow twine and actually separated the colors - believe it or not, there are multiples of each color and I used a single strand from that to make it super thin. Since the doily already has holes in it, you don't even need to punch holes for stringing. Add as many candy corns as you'd like depending on the length of the garland you'd like. You Are All Done! {to see how easy it is to cut the doily, I have a little video to show you below}