Winter Wonderland Maternity Photo Shoot and Baby Boots

One of the most popular pinned maternity sessions is this one from White Photographie that features this super sweet photo of the mom and dad holding the cutest little pair of baby boots. It's the perfect shoot to share on this snowy day as I spend the day with my girls {the youngest on the mend from a sinus infection and the older one coming down with something - fever, cough, feeling yucky}. It's the perfect day for us to be watching Frozen together {again}. You can see the entire Winter Wonderland Maternity Session here. I also have a few featured baby boots below.

Organic Pregnancy, Shower and Baby Gifts


There's nothing like seeing a pregnant belly to make you feel like you have to shower a special earth mama with gifts, unless of course it's a brand new angel baby! Earth Mama Angel Baby's gift bundles are filled with organic, all natural products that are useful, appreciated and never, ever contain toxins. That means no artificial fragrance, preservatives, colors and no 1,4-Dioxane, formaldehyde, phthalates, or worrisome ingredients of any kind.

Earth Mama's bundles make gift giving pure and simple and are perfect for pregnancy gifts, gifts for the new mama as well as unique natural baby shower and blessingway gifts. They can even wrap up your order with extra love in Earth Mama's reusable, 100% Certified Organic cotton Mini Logo Tote!

Looking for a Gift Registry or want to make one of your own? Click here!

A Stunning Maternity Session | Jillian Kirby Photography

We are so honored to end the week with this simply STUNNING Maternity Session submitted by Jillian Kirby Photography. Jillian has been photographing children and families for over six years and is now Nationally Accredited in Child and Infant photography, as well as Maternity photography, by the PPOC. She has also been awarded with the honor of having her newborn work accepted into the National Salon. Most recently, Jillian became one of the first photographers in Canada to be Nationally Accredited in Newborn Photography and works out of her beautiful natural light studio in Langley, BC. The Maternity Wrap used for this session was made by Hayley of Just Hatched Designs.


A Lovely Summer Maternity Session | White Photographie

Today we have a lovely Summer Maternity Session to share thanks to White Photographie. I simply LOVE the gorgeous natural backdrop for this session complete with a stunning, setting sun and mom-to-be's radiant glow. The smiles exchanged between this couple show their love and excitement of what's to come with the arrival of their little one. They aren't the only ones anticipating a new bundle of joy - big brother puppy wants to join int he fun and makes a cameo appearance to finish off the day! Many thanks to White Photographie for sharing this special moment with us. 

More of Me - Maternity Design

More of Me Maternity Design is a contemporary clothing line that can be worn before, during pregnancy and after baby’s arrival. Breaking the mold of traditional maternity wear, More of Me is more of what you want to wear, not what you’re forced to buy to cover your expanding midsection. More of Me debuted in Spring of 2009 and has since been featured in numerous magazines and on national television. It is sold online and in chic stores around the world.

New Arrivals are here! Don't forget to follow More of Me on Pinterest and Instagram for daily inspiration. Also, shop their SALE for instant gratification on items that can be worn all year long - at prices that can't be beat!

A Beautiful Natural Maternity Session | Green Apple Images

Today we are honored to share this beautiful Natural Maternity Session from Green Apple Images. Photographer Jen Roberts gives us her insight on the session...

I have a huge appreciation for pregnancy and the entire birth process.  I have always thought pregnant women were stunningly beautiful.  As a former labor and delivery nurse I have been able to witness the miracle of birth many, many times and I always marvel at the strength of the female body.  I absolutely love photographing maternity sessions and documenting the beauty, bond and miracle that really comes and goes so quickly!  As much as I remember feeling less than glamorous during my pregnancies, I treasure the photos that I have now that that part of my life has passed.  

Aubri was absolutely radiant during our session.  She is gorgeous inside and out.  During my sessions I love the simplicity of a natural location and minimal props with a focus on my subject.  I encourage my clients to wear something simple and feminine and Aubri definitely did both!

Green Apple Images features the custom imagery of portrait artist and natural light photographer, Jen Roberts. Jen is a professional photographer specializing in contemporary, on-location maternity, birth, NEWBORN, infant and child photography. She is also available for a limited number of engagements and weddings per year. Jen serves the Phoenix, AZ/Arizona area and is also available for commercial, editorial and portrait photography assignments worldwide. Based in the Phoenix area, Jen also services the cities of Mesa, Tempe, Awhatukee, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, and the surrounding areas.


An Inspiring Maternity Story | Alana Donovan Photography

We have a very special Maternity Session to share with you today thanks to Alana Donovan Photography. Mom to be Katherine shares her touching story...

{After we had our first son, Levi, we could never really decide if we wanted to have more children.  We loved Levi, but we would discuss the pros and cons to having multiple children.  Everything from financial obligations to division of attention and extracurricular activities.  When Levi was 18 months old we prayed about it and decided we were ready to have another child.  Well, no luck for a few months, but then we ran in to some financial problems.  I was laid off from my nursing job, and right after the holidays.  I was unable to find a full-time job and therefore would be without health insurance.  We again prayed about it and felt God was letting us know that now was not the right time, I even wondered if this was God telling us we were meant for only the one child.  I finally got a full-time position and we decided to wait on trying for another child until after Levi's 4th birthday, we even planned a cruise to celebrate his birthday to depart on April 25th, 2013.  Two months later, the week of our 7 year wedding anniversary, we discovered we were pregnant - We were overjoyed!  Our child was due on April 24th, the exact same day our first son was born in 2010!  Needless to say we canceled the cruise and were blessed with our second son on April 18th, 2013.  I have always heard people say "If you ever wonder if God has a sense of humor, just make plans" and I guess it's true.  He will see that what is written in His plan happens in it's own time.}

I just LOVE the expression on Big Brother Levi's face as he opens the door to a special delivery!

Capturing the moment before it begins | Sue Barr Photography

Photographer Sue Barr converses on pregnancy photography

I meet many of my clients when they are in their third trimester of their first pregnancy. They are active, successful and independent woman yet their lives are in limbo knowing in a month or two they will become so much more. Becoming a parent has been their dream for so long, but the day-to-day reality of their body carrying around an extra 40 pounds is actually making them feel a bit disheartened and guilty about hating their bodies’ recent physical alterations.  My job is bringing out the beauty of each mommy to be and to photograph her as the woman they are.

They have already bought the nursery furniture, picked out the perfect name and are anxious for the next chapter of their life to begin. They have read every blog and book on pregnancy, birthing and parenting. In fact, most of the time they find me because they are perusing the Internet for more pregnancy information and they come across my images. I try to get to know who they are when they call, as each woman has her own ideas on their shoot. No two pregnancy shoots are same. Some want that Demi Moore Vanity Fair portrait that started the craze; others prefer a more relaxed lifestyle shoot. 

They schedule their pregnancy shoot with excitement, as it is something they can do immediately as well as a wonderful way for them to celebrate their upcoming role of motherhood. They know a professional photographer will make sure the images convey them as the beautiful, secure woman they are and a way to forever show their child the glowing reality of how beautiful they felt just having them in their belly, so close to their heart. 

Pregnancy Countdown + Baby Count Up Blocks

For today's Handmade Feature, I came across these custom Pregnancy Countdown Blocks from Kate's Little Shop. What better way to prepare for your baby's arrival than to see the count down week by week! Not only are these adorable blocks the PERFECT prop for your maternity photo session, they would also make a great gift for the proud grandparents-to-be. Each set is made from real wood that is cut, sanded, painted, distressed and decorated to fit your needs - including many different color options and custom lettering. Also included are 2 additional number blocks so you can start at week 40 and countdown to 0. 

If your baby has already arrived and you are looking for a unique way to track and display their age as they grow, Kate's Little Shop also offers a Count Up Block Set. We can never have enough photos of our little one and these adorable props help us keep track of our baby's growth along the way. This set comes as seen below with a total of 6 number blocks and is double-sided with "Months Old" on one side and "Weeks Old" on the opposite side - aren't they just darling?

A Victoria Beach Maternity Session

We are delighted to have the opportunity to share this stunning Victoria Beach Maternity Session of our beautiful friend Miriam {Miriam Corona Events} taken by Erin of Palos Studios. What started out as a gloomy overcast day on the beach, turned into a lovely session full of laughter and keepsake moments that they will cherish forever. I love the natural beach backdrop and Miriam is just radiant with her mommy-to-be glow. The chemistry between her and husband Eddie is simply beautiful! 


Vendor Credits:

PhotographyPalos Studio 
Hair Styling: Dry Bar  
Makeup: MAC Cosmetics 
Clothes: Juicy Couture 
Eddie’s ClothesLucky Brand 
HatForever 21