Good Vibes Friday - fun hair ties for just $5

Have you been wondering what happened to me? Well, the new year completely got away from me {but in a good way} and I had planned to kick off March with something super special and a big announcement. But, then my two girls got sick and as I'm sure you guessed . . . gave it to me. But, I'm on the mend and have plans to kick off something fun and exciting next week for you. Until then though, can you send me good vibes so I can make it happen as planned?

And, speaking of good vibes - don't you just love the new Festival Collection from 6D Hair Ties? There's even flamingo ones and one with peacock feathers on it. They are only $5 for a set of 3 through the remainder of today. Come and Pick Out Your Favorite Set {or two} Here and wear your hair up in Festive Style.