Free Printable "Little Bug" Father's Day Cards + The Perfect Gift for Dad

With Father's Day this coming Sunday, I have designed a printable Father's Day card "from your little bug" or "from your little bugs" if Dad has more than one child. The downloads are ready to print onto 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock and once printed, simply trim in half vertically and then fold the card in half. PS: be sure to see below for the most amazing gift idea for your child{ren} and dad.

Have you ever looked for a super fun and unique gift for dad? A gift that dad can enjoy with his children? And, one that doesn't involve any electronics?

If yes, then you will LOVE Cooper & Kid - the first subscription service that puts the power of play in dad's hands. Each kit features amazing hands-on adventures for sons and daughters. The activities highlight different discoveries like flight, the ocean, space, music, magic tricks and even bugs {like the kit my daughter was able to sample with dad/hubby}. Hence, why I created a "buggy" Father's Day Card for you :) These bugs were a surprise in the package when they opened it.

Don't Delay - surprise Dad this Father's Day with a Cooper & Kid kit - it's something completely unexpected, but a gift that encourages focused + quality time with the kids.

Ready to see all that's included in a Cooper & Kid box?
• A shipping box that turns into a toy!
• An activity book that guides you through the theme and the contents of the box
• A bedtime story {WE LOVED THE ONE WE RECEIVED!!!}
• A separate website of related digital resources
• Links to even MORE theme-related activities that are ‘Beyond the Box’
• Parenting and topical links to resources that are ‘Just for Dad’
• A themed dinner menu with recipes

* The free download was created to be enjoyed and shared, but it is for personal use only.