DIY : Easy and Fun Barn Themed Birthday Party Centerpiece

I can't believe it but my little girl turns 2 in just 10 days. Where did the past year go? I just looked back at photos from her first birthday and it's amazing how much her hair has grown in 12 months. It's now curly and at the crazy stage which I think is always so adorable. Plus, she's now letting me put it up in a ponytail which makes her look like Bam-Bam :) For her birthday party last year I created a fun centerpiece for the barn themed birthday party we had. Here's what it looked like and I'll share the easy DIY below . . .

Barn Themed Birthday Party Centerpiece Tutorial

I purchased this Farm Animals clip art set from Creative Market and trimmed out the animals. I then attached them to lollipop sticks along with the barn {which required a few sticks}. Then I placed them in the haybale {which I highly suggest is placed inside of a container to catch all the loose hay, there will be quite a bit}. Our girl was so surprised when she woke up from her nap and saw the table. I also found a bandana patterned pail and used it to hold the napkins. Not too long ago I took the animals and put them thru my laminator so she could learn the animal sounds and play with them. {love when things can be used again at a later stage}