DIY : Cute Dollhouse Cardboard Bed Template

When I arrived to my parents house on my daughter's last day of first grade, there was surprise waiting for her. They had found a HUGE collapsible dollhouse that fits my old Barbie doll she now plays with there. As soon as I saw it I had visions of creating some cardboard furniture for it. My first one was to be a bed. Well, I have found the perfect template for a cardboard dollhouse bed from Tara Dennis {just need to lengthen it a bit to accomodate a Barbie}. I can't wait to create this with my daughter and let her decorate the headboard and footboard.

Oh, and that button rug? Isn't it the cutest? It's made by gluing buttons onto a piece of fabric. There's also a cute bedroom table template from Tara. {I think it resembles an ironing board so I think I will make it be that and my daughter can have fun pretending to iron all of Barbie's dresses}