DIY : Flamingo Straws and a Mommy / Daughter Sleepover

I came across these DIY Flamingo Straws from Fête Gazette and fell in love with them. There are so many parties these could be used for - but for fun, how about a mommy/daughter{s} sleepover where you join your girl{s} for the night and have a camp-out in their bedroom? I know they would be super excited to get this special night underway. The Carole Hochman flamingo chemise and BedHead Kids flamingo sleep set shown below would be perfect to wear after you have a fun night-time drink together. Maybe pink lemonade? PS: the DIY for these straws say to coat the styrofoam balls in glue and add glitter. I suggest using glitter paint to cover the styrofoam so you won't have to worry about glitter coming off in your drink.

DIY Flamingo Straws : created by Fête Gazette | as seen on

Flamingo Sleepwear for Mommy and Daugther | as seen on