Quick and Easy DIY Paper Santa Hats with Cottonballs

As I begin crafting this year's paper goodies for our Christmas table, I wanted to share with you what I created last year. It's a great last minute craft to do with your kids and can be used as decorations throughout your house or to top milk glasses as I did {see below}. To create this craft you will need decorative holiday paper of your choice, a plate for the circle template, cotton balls, and glue.

To make these adorable santa hats, you will need to trace a circle onto the backside of your decorative paper. Then trim the circle out and cut in half {I folded the paper slightly to get it even}. Then fold each half circle into a cone and adhere with glue or tape. Now, for the cotton balls - attach an entire cotton ball to the top of the hat. And, now the fun part - did you know that a cotton ball is actually a long strip of cotton rolled up? You just need to unroll a cottonball and attach with glue around the base of your Santa hat. You are now done! A super quick and easy holiday DIY. Here's a photo of the paper Santa Hat on top of a milk glass at my daughter's place setting last year. I also trimmed a strip of red paper and using a marker, I put on a buckle. The glasses were filled with milk and looked so cute.