Decorating a Haunted House {Gingerbread House Style}

Hope everyone had a great weekend. My daughter and her friend got together to create a haunted house using The Candy Cottage that I won last year in a giveaway. I LOVE this cottage {gingerbread house} as it's made out of plastic so you can re-use it any time of the year. You simply clean off the decorations, clean it up and then store it away until next time {it comes apart and snaps together for anytime creation}. In our house, I don't think that will be long as they were already talking about creating a house with turkeys for Thanksgiving. They said they don't want to wait until Christmas to make another Gingerbread House. They have a blast decorating together and they loved making this one look very spooky with the plastic bugs and critters, along with all the candy that I found at the $ store. I even found the frosting there and made it orange for them. {I added the eyes peering out of the window for them}.

Stay Tuned for a Super Yummy Dessert {with recipe} on Thursday . . . {chocolate pumpkins are even involved}