DIY Halloween Tissue & Pom Pom Ghosts for decorations, garlands and games

Several years ago I thought of this idea to make ghosts with tissues and pom poms. My first daughter was younger then and fell in love with them. She's even still playing with a few of them. This year I decided I needed to make new tissue ghosts for our "spooky tree" as we call it. Since, I had to make new Boo's, I thought I'd share them with you along with a video so you can see how easy and fun they are to make. You won't want to stop once your start. Besides using them as a stand-alone decoration, you could string these ghosts together to make a garland {but this would likely be more for an adult to do as a needle is needed to thread thru pom poms}. Another fun idea with kids is to hide the tissue ghosts in the house and have them find them with a game of hot and cold - but, you may want to call it playing hot and boo!

Tissue Ghosts Tutorial

• tissues
• white pom poms
• small white rubber bands for the hair
• black permanent marker

Simply tear your tissue in half lengthwise. Then fold in half to make a square. Place your pom pom in the middle and fold the tissue over it, twisting a bit. Wrap the rubber band around the tissue under the wrapped pom pom to form the ghosts' head. Add two eyes with the permanent market and then fluff out the bottom of the ghosts. You are now done and can have fun with your ghosts.