An Inspiring Maternity Story | Alana Donovan Photography

We have a very special Maternity Session to share with you today thanks to Alana Donovan Photography. Mom to be Katherine shares her touching story...

{After we had our first son, Levi, we could never really decide if we wanted to have more children.  We loved Levi, but we would discuss the pros and cons to having multiple children.  Everything from financial obligations to division of attention and extracurricular activities.  When Levi was 18 months old we prayed about it and decided we were ready to have another child.  Well, no luck for a few months, but then we ran in to some financial problems.  I was laid off from my nursing job, and right after the holidays.  I was unable to find a full-time job and therefore would be without health insurance.  We again prayed about it and felt God was letting us know that now was not the right time, I even wondered if this was God telling us we were meant for only the one child.  I finally got a full-time position and we decided to wait on trying for another child until after Levi's 4th birthday, we even planned a cruise to celebrate his birthday to depart on April 25th, 2013.  Two months later, the week of our 7 year wedding anniversary, we discovered we were pregnant - We were overjoyed!  Our child was due on April 24th, the exact same day our first son was born in 2010!  Needless to say we canceled the cruise and were blessed with our second son on April 18th, 2013.  I have always heard people say "If you ever wonder if God has a sense of humor, just make plans" and I guess it's true.  He will see that what is written in His plan happens in it's own time.}

I just LOVE the expression on Big Brother Levi's face as he opens the door to a special delivery!