A Serene, Gender-Neutral Nursery Design

Today's Serene, Gender-Neutral Nursery Design was submitted by Gretchen and found via the Project Nursery Design Gallery. Keeping the gender of their newborn baby a surprise, this couple wanted to create a warm, calming space that would suit their little one, whether it be boy or girl. They chose a warm grey paint for the walls, neutral-toned furniture and then added bursts of mustard yellow and turquoise for some color. They found some great animal prints and an elephant bust to fill the walls and incorporated art that featured butterflies and feathers to finish off the decor. Isn't it AMAZING? If you'd like to see just how this space came together, please visit Gretchen's blog where she shares all of the project details and vendors - there's even some "before" and "after" photos...INCREDIBLE! {Images courtesy of Gretchen Schuett}

Gretchen's advice for creating the perfect Gender-Neutral space ..."If you're looking for a calm, serene place to be with your little one, lots of soft, light fabrics make a difference, as well as layering (like the sheep skin rug on top of the area rug). Lighting is also a big deal. We put the overhead lantern on a dimmer switch so there is always soft white light in there and it feels so comfortable and soft. Also, don't be afraid to mix finishes of your furnishings. We have a bright white crib, a cream, patina dresser, and a natural wood changing topper. I think the mix ended up looking eclectic and not so stuffy."