Mia Mum Inc. Offers Stylish Pacifier Straps | Sassy Straps

We are happy to bring you a feature from one of our newest Baby Shopping Guide vendors, Mia Mum Inc. showcasing their lovely pacifier straps - Sassy Straps. Available in several stylish designs, these straps offer a two-position adjustable length and metal clip with plastic teeth to protect your baby's clothing. Made in Canada, these products are lead free and conform to Health Canada and the United States CPSC Safety Standards. You can find these items as well as a variety of other quality accessories for babies and children on their website and in boutiques across Canada. 

CAUTION! SassyStraps™ are small and could pose a choking hazard if used incorrectly. Please follow these rules to ensure your child’s safety:

* Never leave baby or child unattended with a SassyStrap™.
* SassyStraps™ should never be used while baby or child is in bed or crib, or is otherwise unattended.
* Inspect SassyStrap™ before each use. Do not use if any components are worn, damaged, or broken.
* Ensure SassyStrap™ remains attached to child’s clothing AND pacifier while in use. 
* Store SassyStrap™ out of child’s reach when not in use.
* SassyStraps™ are NOT toys.