Waiting for Baby: "Goodnight Moon" Baby Shower

Today's amazing baby shower feature is from Hostess {with the Mostest} and was inspired by the classic children's book "Goodnight Moon". When I was pregnant for both of my boys I read this book often, so it's really neat for me to see it brought to life as a baby shower theme.

The first detail that caught my eye was the beautifully crafted tablescapes - what a great idea to make the tables into "beds" by using matching pillows and sheets! The addition of the stuffed animals and book truly make this table special, and the customized teacups are a perfect match. The labels used to embellish these teacups can be found {here}.

I really love the use of the satin ribbon and balls of yarn to the backs of the chairs to add some color and simple decoration.

These same balls of yarn {in various sizes and colors} were also used in the centerpieces, along with matching decorated votive holders. Even the silverware was slightly embellished with some colorful yarn. Im just so amazed on how everything "ties" together so nicely!

What do you think about the transformation of the hutch into a showcase of items related to the "Goodnight Moon" theme? I absolutely LOVE that this not only creates an amazing conversation piece for the shower guests, but also gives the mom-to-be some really great things to share with her new bundle of joy!

If you'd like to see the original "Goodnight Moon" inspired baby shower from Hostess {with the Mostess} in its entirety, including links to the printables and ideas on how to re-create many of these amazing details, please click {here}.