DIY : Framing Your Holiday Memories

Welcome to 2015! I am so excited to be back after the holidays and thrilled to be kicking off what will be a great year of crafting childhood memories. As we close out the holiday season and start packing up all the decorations {ours will be sadly coming down this coming weekend}, I wanted to share this idea that I thought would be a great way to frame your holiday memories. I spied the scrapbooking idea in a copy of Merry Makings. It would be so fun to take pieces from holiday cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, ribbon, drawing your kids did, tickets from holiday events, etc and then arrange them in a frame and place them on display. You will likely want to include the year somewhere so you can look back and remember all the fun you had as a family.

Ring in the New Year with these DIY Glitter Star Wands

If you are looking for a fun DIY to make with your kids to ring in the New Year with, these Glitter Star Wands are the perfect craft to make together. You likely have all the items that are needed on hand and I highly suggest adding clear nail polish to the wands after the glitter has been added and the glue has dried. I do this to all of my daughter's glittery headbands and toys that are sparkly. Seeing loose glitter around the house and on the girl's faces drives me crazy. The full tutorial for these glitter wands can be found on Hello Wonderful.

DIY Glitter Star Wands for Ringing in the New Year / as seen on Hello Wonderful / shared on

Quick and Easy DIY Paper Santa Hats with Cottonballs

As I begin crafting this year's paper goodies for our Christmas table, I wanted to share with you what I created last year. It's a great last minute craft to do with your kids and can be used as decorations throughout your house or to top milk glasses as I did {see below}. To create this craft you will need decorative holiday paper of your choice, a plate for the circle template, cotton balls, and glue.

To make these adorable santa hats, you will need to trace a circle onto the backside of your decorative paper. Then trim the circle out and cut in half {I folded the paper slightly to get it even}. Then fold each half circle into a cone and adhere with glue or tape. Now, for the cotton balls - attach an entire cotton ball to the top of the hat. And, now the fun part - did you know that a cotton ball is actually a long strip of cotton rolled up? You just need to unroll a cottonball and attach with glue around the base of your Santa hat. You are now done! A super quick and easy holiday DIY. Here's a photo of the paper Santa Hat on top of a milk glass at my daughter's place setting last year. I also trimmed a strip of red paper and using a marker, I put on a buckle. The glasses were filled with milk and looked so cute.

Printable Chevron Halloween Pinwheels with a Fun Place Card Idea and a Cute Holiday Banner

Can you believe Halloween is this Friday? Today I'll be putting the finishing touches on my daughter's costumes with my mom. Our older girl will be Elsa and my mom has made her the most amazing sparkly blue cape to go with her dress. Our youngest girl will be Olaf and I've got the soft white leggings and white tutu with a white long sleeve onesie. Just need to use fabric paint in brown for the sleeves and then add the coal buttons. They are going to look ADORABLE!!!! But, moving onto today's fun DIY post . . . I have some great Halloween printables for last minute decorations and cute surprises for your little ones. How about surprising your kids with their very own little jar of sweets? It can be filled with something edible or non-edible . . . maybe a jar of creepy crawlers - the plastic kind of course. These DIY Pinwheels are available in 11 other color choices - but I chose the black pattern as I loved how it looked on both white and orange paper for Halloween. These paper pinwheels are from You Make Do™ and are available for purchase as a download for just $1.96. They are easy to customize with the color paper of your choice and would also make cute pinwheels on their own for school classes - maybe homeroom moms would like this idea :)

To make these pinwheels you will need the following:
- card stock paper of your color choice
- a printer {these were printed on an Epson XP-950}
- scissors or an Xacto knife
- brass fasteners to hold the pinwheel together
- plastic spiders from the $1 store
- paper straws
- hole punch
- hot glue to adhere the spiders to the pinwheels

Orange and Black DIY Printable Chevron Halloween Pinwheel with a Spooky Spider / from

Once you have the pinwheels printed, you will follow the guidelines for cutting them out and then you can either fold inwards or backwards to make a the pattern you prefer. MY PERSONAL TIP: I used a small hole punch for the tips of the pinwheel, and then just made a small slit in the center for the brass fastener to go thru. I then flattened the tip of the paper straw, added a hole punch and hooked to the back of the pinwheel with the brass fastener. I then hot glued on the spiders.

PS: The Happy Halloween banner you see was from You Make Do™ and was the perfectly fun extra decoration to celebrate the holiday with. I printed mine on orange paper so the letters would be colored on the black background and used my 2 inch circular paper punch to cut them out. Now, that I've taken the photos, the banner is now hanging on the mirror over our decorated mantle in the living room. The gift/name tags hanging on the jars were the bonus circles from the garland.

DIY Halloween Tissue & Pom Pom Ghosts for decorations, garlands and games

Several years ago I thought of this idea to make ghosts with tissues and pom poms. My first daughter was younger then and fell in love with them. She's even still playing with a few of them. This year I decided I needed to make new tissue ghosts for our "spooky tree" as we call it. Since, I had to make new Boo's, I thought I'd share them with you along with a video so you can see how easy and fun they are to make. You won't want to stop once your start. Besides using them as a stand-alone decoration, you could string these ghosts together to make a garland {but this would likely be more for an adult to do as a needle is needed to thread thru pom poms}. Another fun idea with kids is to hide the tissue ghosts in the house and have them find them with a game of hot and cold - but, you may want to call it playing hot and boo!

Tissue Ghosts Tutorial

• tissues
• white pom poms
• small white rubber bands for the hair
• black permanent marker

Simply tear your tissue in half lengthwise. Then fold in half to make a square. Place your pom pom in the middle and fold the tissue over it, twisting a bit. Wrap the rubber band around the tissue under the wrapped pom pom to form the ghosts' head. Add two eyes with the permanent market and then fluff out the bottom of the ghosts. You are now done and can have fun with your ghosts.

Unique Ideas for DIY Pumpkins : as Featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine

I've been smiling all weekend as a craft I created was featured on the site of a top women's magazine - one that has been around for over 125 years!

I'm super excited to share that my Painted Acorn Pumpkins
craft project has been featured on Good Housekeeping.

Last week Good Housekeeping featured 10 Everyday Things That Make Adorable Pumpkins. You can see a snapshot of the feature below and here's the direct link to view the feature.

PS: My Acorn Pumpkins were also featured on Craftionary in their round-up post on DIY Acorn Crafts :)

DIY Candy Corn Garland {with paper doilies}

I have such a fun and easy DIY for you today with a special appearance by the cutest little felt creatures EVER!!! I first saw this idea for garland being created with paper plates, but I tend to like my garlands being a bit more "fancy" so I immediately thought of my paper doilies. You simply paint the colors of the candy corn onto the doilies and then cut them up like pizzas. Since they already have holes in them, you won't even have to hole punch them. Full tutorial follows . . .

DIY Candy Corn Garland

Paper Doilies {I used 3.5" diameter white ones}
Acrylic Paint in white, orange and yellow

1. Paint an orange ring and then a yellow ring on the outer edge {as you can see in the photo below}. Then paint in the center with white.
2. Let dry
3. Simply cut the doily in half, then in half again and then in half once more. You will end up with 8 candy corns per doily.
4. You're all set to string on the candy corn {I took my white/yellow twine and actually separated the colors - believe it or not, there are multiples of each color and I used a single strand from that to make it super thin. Since the doily already has holes in it, you don't even need to punch holes for stringing. Add as many candy corns as you'd like depending on the length of the garland you'd like. You Are All Done! {to see how easy it is to cut the doily, I have a little video to show you below}

DIY Painted Pumpkin Acorns

I have the cutest and easiest DIY for fall to share with you today. As I was working on one idea {which you will see at the end of this post}, I discovered that acorns can make the cutest little pumpkins. My daughters loved collecting the acorns for this project - even our now 2 year old was gathering them up and saying "corn corn" over and over. It was the cutest. All of the acorns we were finding had already lost their tops, but that's not a problem. After painting, you can simply add some hot glue {only for an adult to do} to the inside of the acorn top and then match it to a bottom. See below for the complete and easy how-to instructions.

Painted Pumpkin Acorns Tutorial

• collection of acorns
• acrylic paint in orange and green
• paintbrushes
• mini hot glue gun {only for the adults to use}

Paint the bottoms and tops of the acorns orange {my bottoms have 3 coats of paint and the tops have 2}. Then paint the stems green {I just did one coat on these}. For some of the acorns I topped them with a pumpkin "hat" and left the bottom of the acorn in it's natural state for contrast. Let them dry and then simply hot glue the tops to the acorn bottoms and you are done. Super cute! Super Easy!

PS: I've read that sometimes you can have little worms escape that might be living in the acorns, but you can easily prevent this by baking the acorns in a single layer on a cookie sheet at 200 or 250 degrees for an hour. You can also soak the acorns in water before doing this to remove any dirt.

And, now to show you how a DIY project can evolve into something else. In my head I envisioned simply painting the tops of the acorns. But, that wasn't turning out to be quite as fun as making them look like pumpkins. However, this is still a great idea if you want to have acorns in a bowl for a fall party and you want them to match your color palette. It's also a great "just for fun" kids craft as I know my oldest daughter could spend hours at our kitchen table painting away.

This Halloween Craft was shared on Living Locurto

DIY Halloween Wreath with Feather Boas and Flower Hair Clips

Today's DIY was originally featured on my wedding blog last year as it provided the ideas and colors for an inspiration board I created. Since this blog is all about crafting with your children I thought it would be fun to share how to create it here. I also started thinking it would be cute to create mini wreaths for the holidays and hang them on the outside of your girls bedrooms. This wreath would be perfect to create at any size and I'm almost certain any girl would love to have a wreath with boas hanging on her door. {PS: This wreath was created by my mom and she hangs it over her dining room mirror for the Halloween holiday season. I took the photos}

DIY Halloween Wreath with Feather Boas and Flower Hair Clips / aka Fascinators | as seen on

How To Create the Feather Boa Wreath with Flower Hair Clips {aka Fascinators}

• styrofoam wreath form
• feather boas {enough to cover the size wreath you are making - this wreath used 3}
• floral hair clips {these were found at Joann's on clearance for just over $1 each}

Simply wrap the boas around the wreath form - you might want to spray paint your form black to avoid any noticeable gaps between the boas. You can use pins to secure the ends of the wreath in the form on the backside. When finished with that, simply clip the flowers you found together to create a cluster. Three of anything is always a great number to work with :)

DIY Halloween Wreath with Feather Boas and Flower Hair Clips - the details | as seen on
This Halloween Craft was shared on Living Locurto

DIY Decorative Halloween Candles with Artwork of your Choice

I am loving today's DIY from Melodrama. It's amazing how you can connect to someone thru social media. My bat wand diy from Monday was liked by Melodrama on instagram - the name intrigued me so I clicked it. Well, I then fell in love with Krys' feed and was intrigued by her Halloween Candles so I headed to her blog. I'm in love with her ideas and photos. I immediately asked if I could share this DIY and Krys happily agreed. I will be giving you a bit of an abbreviated DIY here, but please be sure to head over to Melodrama for the complete DIY on making these decorative Halloween candles. Krys has photos of the steps involved and even more of the finished candles.
DIY Decorative Halloween Candles with clip art, hand-drawn art or rubber stamps | from Melodrama | as seen on

For this project you will need the following items, which I have a feeling you likely already have on hand:
• Candles {varying heights is a great idea}
• Wax Paper
• Tissue Paper
• Rubber Stamps or InkJet Printer
• Colored Pencils and Pens
• Heat/Embossing Tool or (very hot) Blowdryer

DIY Decorative Halloween Candles - created with tissue paper | from Melodrama | as seen on

Krys has you start with tissue paper and placing your image on the shiny, smooth side of the paper. She suggests using a rubber stamp, a hand-drawn image {think art from your kids}, or images you find online {one of my favorites for vintage royalty free images is The Graphics Fairy}. Once you have your images on the tissue paper, you will to cut them out as close to the edge as possible. PS: Did you know that you can tape a piece of tissue paper to a piece of inkjet paper and feed it through your printer? This is GENIUS!!!! Just be sure to resize your digital images to fit your candle size.

Now, it's time to put your imagery onto the candles . . . simply use a bit of glue stick to adhere your tissue paper to the candle. Then you will take a piece of wax paper and wrap it around the candle directly over your paper image. You will use your heat tool or blow dryer to melt the wax paper. It will be melted when the image gets clearer and you can't see the edges of the tissue paper cut-out any longer. Be sure not to over do it though as your candle can warp.

The tissue paper cut-outs will be embedded and sealed into a new layer of wax once the wax paper is peeled off. Great Tip from Krys: "Make sure you use a fresh piece of wax paper for each candle to get a clean, smooth finish."

To see this Halloween Candle tutorial in full and to see many other great ideas for crafts, please be sure to visit Melodrama.