Baby Sprinkle - Ready to POP!

This "Ready to POP" Baby Sprinkle is courtesy of Le Partie Sugar and was inspired by the guest of honor's LOVE of popcorn. Cristina designed the invitations and coordinating partie kit that can be worded for a shower or sprinkle and comes in three colors - now available on her Etsy shop. Tissue poms floated over the food and drink table, with the three different blends of popcorn taking center stage. There were also other “pop-related” food items like Cheesy Popovers, Chocolate Cake Pops and delicious Kettle Popcorn Cookies. I simply LOVE this creative way to celebrate baby number two!

Beverages included Rose Sparkling Wine, Italian Soda Pop, Sparkling Water, Red and White Wine.

Goodie bags were filled with “things that go pop”, including Mini-Champagne, Pop Rocks, Gumballs, Kettle Popcorn and Cake Pops - such a clever idea!